Just Gold Jewelers
A design by Just Gold Jewelers…our custom, one of a kind designs evolve from our own imaginations. We seek out beautiful, extraordinary stones for each creation. The idea for the design can be yours…it can be ours...or a combination of both. "From simple elegance to the most elaborate jewelry design”…that truly takes your breath away.

Just Gold Jewelers is well known for its highly respected world designers: Paspaley South Seas, Mastoloni, Martin Flyer, Bashoura, Gottlieb, Frederic Sage, Mastini, H Weiss, Tara, Yael, Makur, Beverly K, Imperial, Dove’s, Elite, FancYello, Mazza, Rembrandt, Rudolph Friedmann, Rahmanan, Henderson, Thistle and Bee, Bulova, Baggins, Spectrum, Visconti.

Estate Jewelry

Just Gold Jewelers has a large selection of vintage or estate jewelry. Each piece of vintage jewelry has its very own and unique story: Georgian 1714-1837; Early Victorian 1837-1855; Mid-Victorian 1856-1880; Late Victorian 1885-1900; Arts 1894-1923; Art Nouveau 1895-1915; Edwardian 1901-1915;  Art Deco 1915-1935; Retro 1945-1960 and present Modern period. A story exists in each piece.

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