Just Gold Jewelers provides the services and meets the needs of our clients with a highly trained staff of nine who are available five days a week to assist with all aspects of your jewelry needs. Visit us for simple repairs completed while-you-wait or look to the more unique and challenging one-of-a kind custom designs by our qualified goldsmiths. Additionally, our master jeweler can hand fabricate in platinum, 14 karat gold and 18 karat gold. The result… an outstanding piece of jewelry personalized for one and only one person… you! Non-precious and precious bead and pearl stringing is completed on site as well. New designs are another option. We also provide watch repair/reconditioning via contractual warranted services and fine crystal repair. Engraving services are performed by staff on site. Hand engraving is available via contractual services.
Appraisals. Our appraisal staff is American Gem Society and  Gemological Institute of America trained.  The Accredited Jewelry Professional, (A.J.P.,GIA) and Registered Jeweler, (R.J., AGS) designations are carried by our appraiser as well as GIA Diamond, Diamond Grading and Colored Stone certificates, as are the AGS Annual Recertification of Accreditation and Jewelers Board of Appraisal Review (J-Bar). Knowledge of the retail market is also an important aspect of any jewelry appraisal and is incorporated into the appraisal process as well.  Appraisals are available on and off site by appointment and available in (but not limited to) the following areas: insurance, estate, conservatorship, cash evaluation, consignment, fair market value and scrap value.
Just Gold Jewelers Estate Purchase and Consignment. Many people have no idea  where or how to dispose of their unwanted jewelry. We are always interested in estate,  period,  signed and/or antique jewelry. There is an extremely high demand for fine   jewelry, especially high quality pieces in excellent condition.  At Just Gold Jewelers you  have the opportunity to sell your estate pieces outright or on consignment with complete  confidentiality. Please visit us anytime and we will gladly evaluate them based on condition  and marketability. Or redesign the piece into something new for you to wear and enjoy.

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